Cake Smash Guide:

Portrait, Cake Smash, and Bath Splash Session

It's so exciting to celebrate your new littles birthday with a cake smash and bath splash!

I typically hold my cake smash sessions in my home studio set up located in Spring Hill, TN! Spring Hill is about 20 minutes from Franklin, TN and Columbia, TN; and 40 minutes from Nashville, TN!

These Sessions include: Portraits of your baby by themselves, Cake Smash of your baby with the cake (YOU get to take the cake home afterwards), and Bath Splash of your baby in a wash basin (does NOT include real water/soap but there will be a bubble machine blowing).

Here is some quick information on how to best prepare for your upcoming cake smash session!

Preparing Your Little:

Bring Snacks and Water: These are to help your little have an enjoyable time!

Give them cake or a cupcake a couple days before: This can really help them to know what a cake is, and what it tastes like so they'll be less likely to be afraid of it or unsure of what they are meant to do with it!

Bring their outfit and change them when you arrive: Whether they want to or not, babies tend to get messy right when you don't want them to! Dressing them when they arrive means they are LESS likely to spit up or get their outfits messy before their photos!

Bring little rattles or toys: These can help your baby feel more comfortable and when you hold them right over my head it can help them look at me!

Know their Favorite Songs/Tunes/Rhymes: Take a moment and think of any of their favorite noises or songs! These can also help during the session to get those cute smiles!

What to Wear:

Cake Smash: I love neutral and light colors (white, cream, pastels)! Little dresses, rompers, or onesies can look so cute on your little! These types of outfits are non-distracting and keep the attention on your cute baby! Feel free to bring 1-2 outfits, we may have time for one outfit change during the session!

Bath Splash: I recommend bringing a cute bathing suit you'd love to have in the bath splash photos! Real water and soap is NOT used during the bath splash, but a bubble machine will be blowing bubbles towards your baby!

Cake, Theme, and Decorations

If we haven't already discussed cake, theme, and decoration preferences for your session please send me an email so we can confirm all these details! I want you to have the session you've been dreaming of for your little love!

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