About Me

Hello, I'm Leah Fillmore! I'm a mom of four, lifelong learner, and photographer located in Greensboro, NC who specializes in Newborn and Family photography.

I love working with joyful families who want to capture peaceful moments in their often chaotic lives (we embrace the chaos here)! When I'm not photographing precious Newborns and Families, you can find me chasing my four beautiful children and trying to maintain a clean home!

Five Fun Facts About Me!

  1. I dream of having a luscious garden inside and outside my home, but I have yet to keep my plants alive!
  2. I love to paint and draw (although, I'm very much a beginner)! Watercolors and colored pencil are my favorite!
  3. My favorite food is Spaghetti! It was my go to meal in college, when everyone lived off of Ramen, I was living off of spaghetti! I LOVE all things PASTA and wish I was secretly Italian!
  4. I love yoga, but I still can't touch my toes (thanks, genetics)!
  5. I am a leap year baby! My birthday is February 29th, which means my real birth date only comes around every 4 years!

Books that Helped Me be a Better Person & Parent:

I am a lifelong reader and learner! I love being able to share information to others especially if I think its something that can help change their lives and their relationships! If you are struggling with yourself, your children, your relationships, you are not alone!

When I first became a parent I knew NOTHING about parenting. I thought it would "come naturally". It didn't. I thought I knew how to discipline and be patient. I didn't. I did many things I regret when I first had children and through research and studying I know I've become a better parent (not perfect, always learning! But better.) Here are some books that I've enjoyed reading that have helped me become a better person and parent! I'm sure I will continue to add on to this list the more I find and read!

If you have a favorite book that has helped you, please let me know: leahfillmorephotography@gmail.com !

168 Hours by: Laura Vanderkam

A book to help you rethink time, how you use time, and how to accomplish all your goals with the time you are given! I really enjoyed listening to this book on Audible (I've listened to it many, many times!).

Simplicity Parenting by: Kim John Payne with Lisa M. Ross

Keep It Simple. There is power in less. This book can help you as you strive to simplify your life, and your family life as well as giving great advice on interacting with your children!

The Montessori Toddler by: Simone Davies

I love the simple clean spaces in this book, but more importantly I love teaching our children independence and creating spaces for our kids!

Atomic Habits by: James Clear

Showing how simple acts can bring about great change! Improve yourself a little at a time!