The Nostalgic Experience

1. Booking

To book a session, please fill out this contact form! This form helps me get to know your family dynamics and what you're looking for in a session!

For Newborns: I recommend booking during your pregnancy to secure a spot on my calendar (But really, there's never a bad time to photograph babies!)

2. The Details

After filling out the contact form, I'll contact you via email to go over the details of your session including the date, time, location, option to use my client wardrobe, and make sure we're a good fit for each other!

I'll send over a contract, invoice, and style guide for your session after the details are set!

3. Session Day

On the day of your session, I'll bring over the desired dress (if chosen from my client closet), and help prep your home for photos (for an in-home session) or I'll meet you at the chosen outdoor location!

I'll give poses and prompts so we can achieve those beautiful images that capture your relationship as a family!

For In-Home Family Sessions:

I recommend having a fun activity planned (baking, pillow fight, gardening, having breakfast, etc.), that is special to you and your family!

4. Ordering and Artwork

Your digital images will be sent via an online gallery about 4 weeks after your session!

If you've chosen to have a personalized design and ordering appointment, we'll get together in person (or via zoom) to go through your photos and help you pick those you want printed!

Between 7-10 weeks later you'll be able to pick up your finished artwork! I'll make sure nothing is broken, misprinted, or missing before pick up!

Single Session

A nostalgic session where we capture the essence of your family at home or outdoors! Plan to have fun and enjoy spending time with your family!

Baby Plan Membership

The Baby Plan Membership is the most popular choice for our families who are expecting a new baby.

The Membership includes: three full length sessions to capture each milestone within baby's first year. Most popularly selected are newborn, 6 month, and 1 year. The membership gives you a savings of $450!

Ready to Begin?

Schedule Your:


When should I schedule My Maternity/Newborn Session?

What happens if it rains?

My house isn't Pinterest Worthy.

We're so bad at posing and My kids don't sit still.

What should we wear?

Do I have to order prints through you?

How will I receive my Photos?

What is your cancelation policy?


When should I schedule My Maternity/Newborn Session?

I recommend contacting me as soon as you can (typically around 20 weeks along) to schedule your Maternity and Newborn session. I only take a certain number of sessions a month (weekends especially book quickly)!

I like to photograph my maternity clients between 28-34 weeks along. This is usually a great time for you to have a cute baby bump, but not feel too uncomfortable

I like to photograph Newborns around 7-14 days after birth. This gives Momma some time to heal and baby is still super sleepy. But I always say there's never a bad time to photograph your baby!

What happens if it rains?

My Maternity, Family, and Mini sessions are typically held outdoors in natural light! If there's inclement weather (Heavy Rain/Snow/Hail/Wind/Heat/Cold) the session will be rescheduled!

For indoor sessions: if it is extremely dark outside, we will reschedule so we can get that beautiful natural light streaming through your windows! I'll be in touch via text or email about any changes to the date!

My house isn't Pinterest Worthy.

My Lifestyle Sessions occur in your own home and feature your family in your home (typically the nursery/Master bedroom/Living room).

We'll only use one or two rooms in your home (where the light is streaming through the windows)!

I'll help move, pull furniture, boxes, cords, and excess items from your space to achieve that non-distracting aesthetic!

This will help attain those beautiful, clean, bright images and keep the focus of your images on your family!

OR if you are not ready for your home to be photographed (I get it!), I also have an in-home studio for your convenience!

We're so bad at posing and My kids don't sit still.

I will be there every step of the way posing and prompting your family to make your photos genuine and beautiful!

Rambunctious children are my specialty! (I have four of them!) I love getting those genuine connections and letting little kids be little kids! If they want to explore and look for rocks we will let them, if they want to show me their favorite toy, we'll include it, and I'll capture all the moments in-between!

What should we wear?

I have a selection of beautiful dresses for maternity, postpartum, and beyond!

As a benefit to booking a session you are able to borrow a dress at no extra cost!

Want to shop for yourself? I'll send you a style guide with tips for every member of the family, including a list of my favorite shops!

Do I have to order prints through you?

No, you do not need to order prints through me. When you sign your contract you receive a print release and are free to order prints anywhere.

I offer a selection of products including Heirloom Albums, Framed Artwork, and Birth Announcements!

How will I receive my Photos?

Within four weeks of your session, you'll receive a link to a digital gallery that will allow you to download your high-resolution images.

If you choose to have a design and ordering appointment, we'll go over your choices and pick your favorite images to be printed. Framed Prints and Albums have a 7-10 week turn-around time!

What is your cancelation policy?

You may cancel your session or reschedule to a new time slot with no penalties. The 50% nonrefundable retainer recieved at booking will NOT be refunded if you cancel or do not show for your session.