Dear Aurora,

You were my largest baby at 9 lbs 5oz and I was worried you would never come out of my belly after your due date came and went. When all of your older siblings came early, you came late.

You were my baby born in the middle of the lockdown from the Covid-19 Quarantine in March 2020. This was a blessing in disguise as your dad's job had shifted to working from home a couple weeks previously. He has been working from home ever since. You've never known life without him here.

Luckily, Heavenly Father had already directed me to have a homebirth with a midwife so your father was able to be present and we didn't have to worry about anything being spread through the hospital.

You are in my bedroom right now. Snoozing in your crib, with your hair pulled up in a little elastic ponytail, smelling of sunscreen. I still haven't moved you to your older sister's room upstairs (even though I had planned to six months ago). I still hold you close.

I love the little noises you make and the babblings you share. I especially love how you softly say "shhhh" when we get to "the little old lady whispering hush" part in Goodnight Moon.

You are the youngest of four children and have learned to adapt with your wild older siblings. They love to make you laugh, and you love to growl at them.

You've started walking (staggered) and know how to climb up and (thankfully) down the stairs safely! You amaze me with how smart you are and how much you already know. Like when we say family prayers, you fold your little arms with us even though none of us taught you this.

I love you my little 1 year old and I can't wait to see how much you grow this next year of life!