How to Prepare for Your Dream

Maternity & Newborn Session:

Joyful & Elegant

I love serving women who are detail oriented, elegant, and joyful! Those who love crisp, clean, and fresh images! Large open windows and light colored spaces!

If these are the type of memories you're wanting for your maternity and newborn photos then you're in the right place!

Here are some of my best advice on creating the Maternity and Newborn Session of your dreams!

Take Advantage of My Client Closet!

As my client you gain access to my Client Closet! This is a service provided during your session where you can choose to wear one or two dresses during your session (No need to spend money on a dress you may only wear once)!

I have a variety of sizes and dresses that I'm continuously adding to!

Treat Yo'Self (Professional Hair and Makeup)

You will probably only take maternity and newborn photos once (per child) its the perfect time to FEEL fabulous!

I know while pregnant/after giving birth you don't usual FEEL like your best self. Treating yourself to professional hair and makeup, where someone can come to your home and pamper you before your shoot not only helps you to feel beautiful but it takes the stress off of needing to get yourself done up!

I have a couple wonderful hair and makeup ladies that I can recommend if needed!

Nails: I also recommend getting your nails manicured because I often take close up photos of your hands (on your belly/holding baby)!

Find the Best Light in Your Home

Where is the best light in my home?

Depending on the time of your newborn session (10am or 2pm) the lighting in your home will be different.

Its great to look around your home at those times to see which rooms bring in the most light. Perhaps you have a floor to ceiling window that brings in great light in the kitchen, or maybe you only have a tiny window in your nursery. Maybe the master bedroom has a large sliding glass door.

Wherever you desire your newborn photos to be taken, look around and see where the light looks brightest in your home!

Picking Your Session Time

Is there a best time for taking pictures?

Maternity: to get those dreamy skin tones and lighting I like to shoot my maternity sessions 2 hours before sunset (known as the golden hour) or right at Sunrise! These are when the light is dreamiest (as the sun sets) and you can get beautiful backlit shots!

Lifestyle Newborn: Your home will be the location for your session and the natural light is BEST around 10am or 2pm (these are the times I'd typically schedule your indoor session). Picking spots in your home that have the best natural light helps a bunch! This could be your Nursery, Master Bedroom, living room, or even your kitchen!

Preparing Your Nursery

How do I create that bright, beautiful nursery?

When I hold lifestyle newborn sessions, I always take photos of the Nursery!

One way to help create a beautiful, bright, light space is to put all of your extra clutter/boxes in the closet! Any diaper/wipe boxes or extra items (like butt paste, bright colored toys, lotions and shampoos), these can all be tucked away for your shoot!

Use Light Colors: I'm a sucker for light, neutral, or pastel color schemes! When choosing colors for your nursery, I recommend the light colors. Don't be afraid of white and off-white!

Curtain Rods should be placed High and Long: My amazingly talented interior designer sister explained to me that you want to place your curtain rods as high as you can to the ceiling (get those LONG curtains)! Your curtains should lightly graze the floor. The curtain rod should also have plenty of space along the side of the window so when your curtains are open the ENTIRE window is exposed! This lets in the MOST light from your window!

Prep Your Little Ones

  • Tell your Children in Advance: I recommend letting them know days (even weeks) in advance and remind them frequently! ("On Tuesday, we're going to get dressed really nice and a lady will come to our house and take pictures of us and our new baby!" "Tomorrow, we're going to wear fancy clothes and take pictures at a creek!")
  • No TV/Electronics the day of your photoshoot (or at least a couple hours leading up to your session).
  • Use a Bribe: I don't recommend bribing children as a parenting style BUT for your Photo Session I highly encourage it! This could be a big treat (going to McDonald's afterwards/getting ice cream) or a small treat ("You'll get a tic-tac if you listen REALLY well and smile for your photos")