Hello! I'm Leah Fillmore, a Newborn and Baby Photographer located in Spring Hill, TN! I got the opportunity to shoot this beautiful family at Preservation Park in Thompsons Station, TN! You probably can't tell but it was pretty cold during this session but even with the cold wind they were happy and smiling!

The Kids

Can I just say how IMPRESSED I was with these children! Its not easy being out in the cold, dressed in nice clothes, and listening to a photographer! I was especially impressed with their oldest daughter! At five years old she took direction SO WELL and was happy the whole time!

Client Tip: Bring Blankets for your children (or you) to snuggle in between pictures on those cold picture days!

Because Two People Fell In Love

One of my favorite parts of a family session is taking photographs of the parents together! That bond is so strong and its what created their little family unit in the first place! I love giving mom and dad a little extra time to have pictures together!

The Family

Aren't they just the cutest? We walked around Preservation Park (They even braved the steep hill which their daughter raced us to the top (She won)), getting photos in the field, the gravel trail, and the hilltop! Here are some more of my favorites!