The Hilltop

If you are located in the middle Tennessee area, you know it contains beautiful rolling hills! This wonderful family braved the hilltop at one of my favorite locations in Thompson Station, Tennessee! My first family to do so and the views were beautiful! It was quite a climb, but luckily this wonderful family was prepared with water and snacks! 

The Climb

These energetic children had so much fun running up and down the trails! 

The Spider

One of my favorite ways to get kids to be still and look at my camera is to ask them if they can see the spider on my lens! They took it very seriously! Little did they know, there actually was a spider on my camera! It was small and white and I had to blow it off half way through the session!

The Experience

It means the world to me when my families tell me they really enjoyed their session (and *actually* had fun during their session)! That is my goal! Part of hiring a photographer is hiring the EXPERIENCE you get with them! My goal is for my clients to have an enjoyable experience, and then also get beautiful photos! Here are some of my favorite photos from their session!