The Park at Harlinsdale Farm, Franklin, TN

I've gotten to photograph at this location multiple times before but I've never photographed by the beautiful pond they have on the Harlinsdale Farm Property in Franklin, TN!

It was a beautiful crisp summer evening (yes, I said crisp)! After weeks of extremely humid and wet days we had this one day that happened to be gorgeous and it happened to be when we had Brianna's Maternity Session.

This public park has become a favorite location of mine to shoot at and clearly word has spread! As we were walking the property I saw 4-5 other photographers with their clients dressed up having their photos taken! This can be a little tricky working around other photographers but the property is so large that we had no trouble finding multiple great spots!

The Couple

Brianna and Jason talked with me about how they met, dated, got married, and then Covid hit!

Her husband, who had been used to traveling a lot for work, now got to stay home. Brianna let me know it really did make them grow closer as a couple and gave them lots of opportunity to travel and explore their new home in Tennessee!

They specifically asked for photos to showcase the beautiful Tennessee scenery after they've come from Nevada! There's nothing better than including greenery, trees, a pond, a barn, and a farm!

Brianna and Jason,

I loved seeing the joy and happiness on your faces as we took your photos! Baby boy is so lucky to have the both of you for his parents!

Its been so fun watching you prepare for your new addition! With everything in life, change brings lots of new hurtles, both good and bad, but as you continue helping each other in partnership those hurtles won't seem so high to jump over.

I feel like I got to witness your love for one another during our session. I watched the way Jason talked with you, offered water, offered to run back to the car to grab the dog poop bag, carried ALL the stuff. As you two laughed together, complimented each other, and had so much fun together. You'll be able to carry that love into your home with your new baby boy!

With Love,

Leah Fillmore

Here are Some of My Favorites: