Getting to Know Paige

Wow, wow, wow! I cannot articulate what a beautiful soul Paige is. She radiated joy during her entire maternity session and shared so many wonderful parts of her life with me. I literally stopped in my tracks as she shared her beautiful reason behind the importance of photographs. Paige grew up in the foster care system before being adopted. She explained to me that she didn't have photographs of herself when she was a baby or a child due to these circumstances so she really values having photographs of her growing family which includes her husband and one year old baby girl!

She and her family recently moved to Tennessee from Arizona. And they have big plans and have had more opportunities since they've moved out here, including preparing to buy their first home (SUCH a big step as many young couples know)!

Her husband was ecstatic as he explained his new business venture renting out food trucks for other entrepreneurs wanting to start food truck businesses! (If interested you can find more information here) It's so fun to see the passion and excitement others have for their work and businesses!

The Creek

You could hear the water babbling, the new bugs buzzing, and the gentle wind through the tree leaves. With caution, she walked into the cold water and smiled telling me the water felt so nice on this warm day. The water overflowed from a storm the previous night, covering the tall stepping stones that are normally visible.

If you've been to the Kedron Loop (Erwin Park) in Spring Hill, TN then you've probably seen the beautiful creek running beside the walking trail. Its a favorite spot when I bring my children and its become a favorite spot for my clients!

The Pink Tree

In the early spring the trees and leaves are all budding and blooming! This tree in particular popped out of the green landscape! It was so beautiful to be able to capture this moment in time for Paige and her baby.


I'm so impressed with all that you do and the care and thoughtfulness you put in to each of your children. You really brought so much joy and fun to your session! I hope you are always able to capture the moments you treasure most with your children. I'm so grateful you allowed me to help capture some of those moments in your life! I wish you and your husband the best in your new business venture and life here in Tennessee!

Here are some of my favorites from your session: