What can I say about this wonderful family? They have been with me from the beginning of my photography journey and have allowed me to photograph them many times! I’m so excited to show some of my favorite images from their most recent session!

This particular Saturday morning was windy in Middle Tennessee! But this sweet couple and their two blonde beauties were amazing! If you have ever photographed families or had a family photo taken then you know a lot of family photography is going with the flow! Being able to give time for children to be comfortable in a new environment with a new photographer (even a familiar one) is so important! I try to do as much as I can to allow families to feel comfortable, relax, and be able to ENJOY getting their photos taken!

Cue little man playing with the rocks! He was so sweet picking up the rocks, knocking them together, and he especially liked to show me all the ones he found!

During this family session (and with most family sessions), we were able to take time half-way through to let baby girl feed, let little man have a snack, and we got joyful faces from everyone!

I love giving time to the parents! Mom and dad got photos of just the two of them while little man played and baby girl was in the stroller!