Prom 2021!

What a fun group of Seniors from Spring Hill High School!

I was thinking it was just yesterday when I had my Senior Prom, then I realized that was 11 years and 4 kids ago! Time sure has flown!

All the fun dresses, colors, corsages, boutonnieres, and a chicken (yes, a chicken!) made for a fun group session!

I hope they had a blast at prom!

The Rain

With 100% chance of rain we were sure we would get drenched during this session! So what did we do? We brought umbrellas and stayed underneath any covering we could find to try and keep them from getting soaked!

It worked, for the most part, but their feet and dresses still got pretty wet! You wouldn't be able to tell by the smiles on their faces!

Here are some of my favorites!

Chad and Corinne

Kacie & Dylan

Emily & Brandon

Sierra & Leo

Ireland & Her Chicken Companion

The Group