Feeling God's Hand

Everybody inevitably asks, "What brought you here?" and the short answer is typically: "For my husband's work." This is always true, but there's often a lot more to it!

We especially felt God's hand in the moving process this time around! We had too many "coincidences" and "Signs" that occurred throughout the process of coming to Greensboro, NC.

I'll list only a couple below because there are a lot of little things that added up to us arriving here.

Everything Came Together

We visited Greensboro, NC and the surrounding area looking at homes with a realtor on a Friday in November. I was newly postpartum with Baby #5 and nursing, so it was a long day of visiting lots of different homes. We weren't thrilled with the homes up to that point and felt "Well, if we don't find anything we like, then it just won't happen yet".

On our way to our LAST home for the day I said a silent prayer that if we were supposed to move here then we could find a home that would work with our family and our price range. We immediately felt good when we walked into the final home. It was a home we could ACTUALLY see ourselves living in.

When we went home that night we talked and talked about our options. We decided NOT to put any offers in until we could figure out what we wanted to do with our current home, and getting approval from a brokerage would have to wait until the work week started again on Monday anyway, right?

Around 5AM I was awake feeding our newborn in bed reading scriptures. I came across a scripture about having faith, and God being able to make things happen. I immediately got the impression that we needed to put an offer in TODAY (Saturday) for the home. I woke up my husband and told him my thoughts and impressions. He had a lot of doubt and worry about how we could "make it work". We still had a ton of unanswered questions and he didn't feel comfortable putting in an offer without having everything set up and in place.

So we got to work.

My husband and I contacted multiple brokers, a property management company to rent out our current home, and of course our realtor. That Saturday morning we were able to figure out what to do with our current residence, get approval for the home in Greensboro, NC, and put an offer on that last home we saw. By Monday our offer was approved and we closed and moved in early December!

It may not have seemed like much but there were a MILLION little things that happened in between this story that made me KNOW God was in this move. We hit a TON of roadblocks and then, like magic, they were solved. My husband was concerned about something or wanted something done before we put an offer in and everything he was worried about and wanted done, GOT DONE. It all happened so quickly and smoothly, including the move, which could have been a nightmare with 5 kiddos (One a newborn), but after the first couple of miraculous things happening, I was convinced it was what God wanted so I rode the wave. When a roadblock would occur, my husband would freak out and I'd say, "It'll work out, It'll get fixed" and it did.

Never in our entire marriage has a move been so obviously God's work.

Now Serving Greensboro, NC!

We are now located in Greensboro, NC and I can't wait to start serving the new families I meet out here!

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Family Photos By: Stephanie Lane Photography