Hello, I'm Leah Fillmore! I'm a Newborn and Family Photographer located in Spring Hill, TN! I felt so lucky to be able to capture my little brother and his family while I was passing through Oklahoma on vacation! Here are a few of my favorite photos!

Its a Blustery Day!

While you may not notice in all the photos, there was a STRONG Oklahoma wind this day! Luckily, my sister-in-law brought a beautiful white blanket to help shield and keep baby boy nice and warm during the photos! I always recommend bringing blankets to keep you warm in between photos during the colder months!

The Couple!

These two are so cute together! They've been married for two years now and are working hard at school, work, family, and life! I absolutely HAVE TO take photos of couples during a family session! Its so important to remember that these two people came together and created their wonderful family! Taking photos of just the two of them is a great reminder of their connection and love!

Client Tip: Bring a stroller if you have little kids for them to snuggle up in while the parents are getting photos taken!

The Child!

(Anybody watch the Mandalorian?) I always love capturing moments of parents individually with their children! Each has their own special relationship and its so precious to capture those moments!