Hello! I'm Leah Fillmore! I'm a Newborn and Baby Photographer located in Spring Hill, TN! In this post, I'll be talking about 5 Questions to Ask Your Newborn Photographer! Feel free to watch the video or read a synopsis below!

1. What Education/Background in Newborn Photography (or Handling Newborns) do they have?

I don’t necessarily mean they need to have a formal education but they do need to have at least held a newborn before! I would hope they've also taken some type of course in posing newborns before attempting to pose a newborn themselves. Normally, if they’ve been doing this for a while then they probably have experience handling newborns.

And as a photographer, I need to be educated not just in handling your newborn, but in having my settings and equipment exactly where I need them to provide beautiful images for you! You want your photographer to be so knowledgeable in their equipment that they are focused solely on your baby. The safety of your newborn is of utmost importance! So as you search for a newborn photographer you want to make sure they are educated in their photography and also in handling newborns!

2. What is Their Style?

There are SO many different types of photographers with different styles! And, I'm going to be honest, before I was a photographer I didn't really understand this. BUT even photographers who shoot the same topic (like weddings or newborns) and who have the same style (like moody, or light and airy), will still have their own flair or creativity that makes their pictures their own.

You can usually tell their style by looking at their portfolio or website and seeing the similar elements within ALL of their photos. Some like the darker-toned colors, some like the lighter tones, some are more shadowed, some are more bright with bold colors!

***Warning*** Be wary of photographers who “do it all” when it comes to their style. While most educated photographers can do multiple styles (because they know how to use their camera/lighting properly), it's best to stick with ones who are consistent so you know EXACTLY what you are going to get.

My personal style is light and airy. I love love love soft, light, creamy colors because I feel like it brings out those beautiful skin tones. Whatever style you prefer and LOVE, you want to make sure that is what you are going to get with your photographer!

3. Where and how would the session take place? 

This is so important! Making sure you have all the details and you are in communication with your photographer will help your session run smoothly!

Again, different photographers will have different requirements! I'll mention a few here:

  1. Lifestyle Newborn Photographers: This is where they come to your home and photograph the baby in their crib/nursery, with the family (family on the bed or couch). Generally, YOU (as the client) would provide ALL the swaddles/props/outfits for this type of photoshoot because it is of your baby, in your home, with your stuff.
  2. Studio Newborn Photographers: This is where you would take your baby to the photographer's studio where they have backdrops, lighting, props, and other elements already set up for your session. Your photos will generally have a more seamless/posed approach. Generally, the photographer would provide wraps/swaddles/backdrops/outfits/props for your photo session.
  3. In-Home Studio Photographers: This is where the photographer will bring ALL of their equipment and set it up in your own home. They bring their backdrops, stands, lighting, props, swaddles, everything for a newborn session but have it take place in your own home.

At the moment I am a studio newborn photographer and my studio is within my own home (pet-free and smoke-free)! I do this for many reasons but my main reason is cleanliness. When I have my own studio space I KNOW without a doubt that the area is cleaned and safe for my props/swaddles/fabric.

4. Are they taking any Precautions with Coronavirus?

This question is SO important! Baby’s are very susceptible to all sorts of diseases, not just coronavirus, but the flu or even a cold. I would want to know what they are doing in the midst of coronavirus!

Are they wearing masks during your session, sanitizing their hands (which they should be anyway), wearing gloves, is their equipment clean and sanitized? I would assume they are taking all sorts of precautions but you may want to double-check before hiring!

I personally wear a mask and gloves. Before my session, I wipe down my equipment (including my camera), and I wash my hands (before putting my gloves on). All of my props, swaddles, fabric, backdrops have been sanitized or washed before your session so you can have peace of mind that no spreading of germs will occur.

5. Do they offer Products?

I know the hardest part for me when it comes to getting pictures taken for my own family, is then taking the time to actually print and frame my photos afterward!

So does your photographer offer products other than the digitals? Products that you can hang on the wall of your nursery or living room, or send as a gift to your baby’s grandparents? Or maybe a photo album to remember this time in your baby’s life that sits on your coffee table?

I, personally, like to offer both digital images and a selection of beautiful products (Canvas, Prints, Albums, and more) that I will actually order for you so you don’t have to worry about that last step of actually getting your photos printed! Of course, if you want to print your photos your own way, at your own time, I totally get that which is why I offer high-resolution digital images as well. But sometimes it's just easier to have someone do that last step for you!