Hello! I'm Leah Fillmore! I'm a Newborn and Baby Photographer located in Spring Hill, TN. This Post is about bringing your own props! Feel free to watch the video or read a synopsis of the video below!

Should You Bring Your Own Props?

You may be wondering if you’re supposed to provide outfits or swaddles, or maybe you have a prop that’s sentimental that you’d like to incorporate into the session but you just aren’t sure?

I'm going to start with my disclaimer: EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER IS DIFFERENT! This all depends on your photographer, so it's important to stay in communication with them and ask them whether or not you should bring something. Some photographers ONLY want to use their own props and swaddles because they have a certain style they want to maintain. Some photographers expect/need you to provide everything! And some are very flexible (like me) and would probably LOVE to incorporate your own props!

Bringing your own props is a great way to personalize your session and make the session fit you and your family! But remember to stay in communication with your photographer, and if you want to bring something let them know in advance!

What types of Props should you Bring?

There are 3 different types of props you may consider bringing to your next session!

  1. Sentimental: Something meaningful to you. A wedding dress, an outfit that's been passed down for generations, a special blanket that Great-Grandma made. These items are unique and special for you and your family.
  2. Something You're Passionate About: This could be books, movies, music, art, or any other love you might have. I saw a beautiful piece the other day where the mother brought a horse saddle (because she rides horses) and they had the baby sleeping on top! It was so cute!
  3. Work Uniform: Firefighter, Police, Nurse, Doctor, Teacher. ANY career that you or your spouse may have things you'd like to incorporate into your baby's session.

Some of My Favorite Props

  1. Flowers/Greenery: I love incorporating greenery and flowers (especially for baby girls). The florals I use are all fake BUT feel free to bring live flowers to your session! Live flowers tend to have more vibrancy and pop more on camera!
  2. Little Teddy Bears or Lovey Items: These little items can be SO cute in your session. Whether its a pacifier or stuffed animal, whatever your child's favorite love item is at this stage in their life!
  3. My Wooden Cake Smash Stand: I love my stands I use for cake smash sessions! They are low to the ground So the cake won't topple over as baby plays with it, and because its low to the ground it won't cover babies face during their photo session!