How to Prepare for Your Newborn Session

Hello! I’m Leah Fillmore, a newborn photographer located in Middle Tennessee! This blog post is all about how you, as the client, can prepare for your newborn session!

Being a new parent is so exciting! Whether it’s your first child or your 21st! But as a new parent we are often groggy, not thinking straight, and are constantly tired! If you’ve chosen to document this time in your baby’s life by having a newborn session then here are some quick tips and reminders that will help you (even in your most tired state)!

1. Feed Your Baby and Bring a Bottle (Or Yourself)

Before your session begins, feed your baby! If you have a long car trip to your photographer, then feed your newborn before you leave the house and maybe your baby will fall asleep on the way! If your session is in your own home then I recommend feeding baby and rocking them to sleep right before your session time! Your photographer should also have factored in plenty of time for your newborn to feed during the session as well! So, having a bottle (or yourself, if nursing), is so important! We want your baby to be calm, comfortable, and full!

2. Bring a Pacifier, Stuffy, or Blanket

Any item that your newborn has connected with and is soothing to them! This could be a pacifier, a stuffed animal, a blanket, or even their thumb! A soothing item like these will help keep your newborn calm during the photography process, and sometimes you can even get beautiful photos with their favorite items!

3. Bring Diapers, Wipes, and a Change of Clothes (Maybe 2!)

If you are a parent you know that babies can unexpectedly poop out! So be sure to bring plenty of diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes just in case this happens to you! Again, we want your baby to be as comfortable as possible during their session and a fresh diaper can make all the difference!

4. Bring Nice Clothes for Yourself

Often we like to include the parents in pictures with their new baby (usually near the end of the session), so bring something nice for yourself! You can change at the studio or before you go to your session! Being dressed in a nice, flattering outfit (blog post on "What to Wear" coming soon) adds beauty to your newborn's gallery.

5. Relax!

You’ve chosen your newborn photographer with care! As a new parent it can be hard to let others handle or even hold your new baby! Those are your primal, protective instincts and are perfectly normal! Which is why we allow you to watch over your newborn throughout the photo session. If you are uncomfortable with a certain pose or handling, please speak up! But your photographer will be educated in safe techniques and poses for your newborn, so during your session you can relax and trust that your new bundle will be handled with love.