Hey! I'm Leah Fillmore! A Maternity, Newborn, and Baby Photographer located in Spring Hill, TN! I'm so excited to showcase some of my favorite images from baby Brylee's Newborn Session!

Baby Brylee

This little sweet heart came a couple weeks early and was SO tiny! She only weighed a little over 4 pounds when she was born and by a couple weeks old (when this session occurred) she had grown to a little over 5 pounds! Even though she was so tiny, she made a really BIG poop halfway through which was PERFECT! Getting all that backed up poop out of baby girl's system is what she needed to get comfortable and sleepy!


There's such a special bond between a mom and their new baby. Katie is such a loving mother and was so tender and strong! She experienced an emergency C-section delivery but was feeling great the day of this session and said she had felt pretty good since Brylee's birth!

She may be a first time mom but she handled Baby Brylee so well! (I remember barely knowing how to change a diaper when I came home with my first child!) I'm always impressed with new moms and their strength, patience, and love! Katie showed all of these traits and it was the sweetest when baby Brylee fell asleep right when Katie picked her!

PS. She got this gorgeous dress from Amazon!

The Experience

Newborn sessions are A LOT different than an outdoor Maternity or Family session! Its a lot quieter, slower paced, and relaxing. When you walk into my home you'll probably hear classical music playing softly, a baby shusher humming (white noise machine), and my heater warming up baby's spot on my posing bean bag.

I always take things very slowly! Sometimes baby is fussy/gassy/hungry and that's totally normal! We change diapers, feed and burp baby, and try to make them as comfortable as possible!

I use baby led posing which means if I put your baby in a wrap but then they wriggle out or stick out their legs or arms, I'll take that picture! If I place your baby into a pose and they seem uncomfortable then I shift to a more comfortable position for them. I'll still wrap, dress, and pose baby BUT I let your baby guide my posing!

Here are some of my favorites from Baby Brylee's Session!