Baby Stratton

It was such an honor to hold this lifestyle newborn session for baby Stratton! He was so sleepy for the entire session and snuggled up so well!

This lifestyle session was held in their own home in Columbia, TN and focused on their new family dynamic! We had pictures in Stratton's nursery and the master bedroom!

Lifestyle Sessions

I really love the intimacy of a lifestyle newborn session! Its so different than coming into my studio because you are literally welcoming me into your own home! You get photos of you and your child in your own space (don't worry, we make sure to clear out any excess stuff to create bright, fresh images!).

I know after giving birth, the last thing I want you to do is a crazy deep clean or declutter! You need to be resting and enjoying your moments with your new baby! This is why I like to send my families a guide well before baby's birth to help prep them on creating beautiful spaces for their newborn session!

Stratton's Birth Story:

On Monday April 12th, we arrived at Maury Regional Medical Center at approximately 5:15 to prepare for induction and the birth of our baby boy.

We were shown to our room where we laid uncomfortable for quite some time (They sure don’t make those rooms dad friendly). We flipped through the tv and downloaded games on our phones trying to entertain ourselves. A couple hours after we arrived, we began medication to thin the cervix, but our little had other plans of his own. The last dose of medication was skipped due to my contractions becoming too close together, which wasn’t allowed.

They tried pushing fluids over and over to slow them down with no luck, so they went ahead with Pitocin. Not long after the Pitocin was started, my contractions were crazy painful and baby was laying in such a way that the nerves in my back were more painful than my contractions, so we asked for the epidural early.

Around 7:40am I received my epidural and had my water broken all within a short time. I had been 3cm around this time. As my legs went numb and up to about my rib cage, the only pain the epidural didn’t fix was the one pain I asked for the epidural for, my back!

Not knowing my baby would be so ready to meet this crazy world so fast, my nurse rolled me to my right side and pressed the button for an extra dose of my epidural. By this point, I couldn’t move a toe, everything was so numb. I really wasn’t crazy about that feeling and could not get comfortable to save my life. Two hours after receiving the epidural, my nurse rolled me to my other side after I woke from a nap and left the room.

A few minutes later a couple nurses came to say baby didn’t like that position and asked how long since my cervix had been checked, I replied I hadn’t been checked since my water was broken. So the nurse decided to check, and sure enough baby’s head was ready and my cervix was fully dilated. Not expecting me to progress so quickly, no one was exactly ready for him to be here.

Everyone rushed around getting supplies and the doctor to deliver my boy. At this time, I was so confused how you pushed for a baby when you couldn’t even move your own body or feel any muscle contraction. I had no idea what to do, but when it came time to do it, I pretended I could feel it and knew what I was doing, and I did something right.

After a couple contractions and a few pushes, I could feel my baby’s head. A few more pushes and the doctor told me to look down as my baby came out. The moment I saw him and he began to cry, his daddy and I cried like a baby right there with him.

The emotion is overwhelming hearing and seeing your baby for the first time after all of those months feeling his kicks, his hiccups, and his every move. Stratton Lawrence Hall, our rainbow baby, was born at 10:16am on Tuesday April 13th, 2021 weighing 5lbs 15.9oz and 18.5 inches long. 


Thank you for welcoming me to your home!

These times are filled with so many little moments. Feeding Stratton, changing diapers, talking to Stratton, changing clothes, rocking and snuggling in the middle of the night. All of these little moments may seem tedious (or monotonous) at times, but they are also the most important in building your relationship with Stratton.

Those precious little hands and feet are all yours!

I loved seeing all the little diaper changing areas and baby products in the various rooms of your home! You are prepared and ready. Your home is filled with love for Stratton! Snuggle him close for me!


Leah Fillmore

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