The Family:

When I first walked into the Jefferson home the oldest big sister talked with me and decided to show me around while mom, dad, and baby were finishing getting ready. Normally, I have the children show me around because they love to feel important and it helps them get comfortable with me. We then usually hit the main living spaces in the home before mom and dad take over. In this case, this sweet almost 5 year old took her job very seriously. We started with the downstairs kitchen and living spaces along with their beautiful downstairs playroom located in the sun-room!

She then had me come upstairs as she demanded I must see her bedroom, including all of her stuffed animals, clothing, and everything in her dresser drawers! We then moved into her little sisters bedroom full of pink and stuffed animals, and she proceeded to show me everything in her sisters closet and drawers!

Moving into the Master bedroom (luckily mom and dad had finished getting ready by this point) she showed me everything in her mom and dad's closet with mom stopping right before she started pulling out the dresser drawers! =D It was probably the funniest welcome I've ever received in someone's home! And I'll always be grateful I now know where she keeps her socks and pajamas!

Baby Bennett was the focus of this lifestyle newborn photo session! With two big sisters, baby Bennett is already being smothered with love! He was awake for most of the session but we got him sleeping for a couple of minutes and took full advantage during that time!

The Jefferson family really struck a chord with me as I was reminded of my husband and I with our first 3 kids really close in age (as in we had 3 in diapers!). It was such a crazy time but we wouldn't have wanted it any other way!

Thank You Jefferson family for letting me be a part of this special time in your lives!

The Master Bedroom and Nursery:

I absolutely ADORE the tones mom and dad had for their master bedroom and nursery! Bright white sheets and beautiful blues throughout the Master Bedroom. Mom's dress complimented her blues perfectly and gave gorgeous picturesque photos! The bright light and airy master bedroom was a dream!

The nursery was also neutral colors of white and grey tones! With a white rocking chair and sweet baby books along the wall, I imagined mom and dad getting up for midnight feedings, rocking in the chair as Baby Bennett is comforted with their love. Everything was magical for their baby boy.

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions:

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are my absolute favorite. It's a time you really can't get back as your baby grows so quickly within that first year of life!

These sessions are very different from a typical Family session in that its usually A LOT quieter! I talk a lot less during these sessions as I want you to soak up that time with your brand new baby!

I try getting a whole family picture (the "everyone looking at the camera and smiling" pose) first, then break off and get the older siblings with baby, and mom with kids and dad with kids before the children get too frustrated or bored with what we're doing!

Then we spend a BIG chunk of the session on mom, dad, and baby. Doing various poses (sitting, laying, standing, rocking with baby) with mom and dad individually and together with their new baby! We'll also hit different locations in the home with good light, typically located in the Master Bedroom and Nursery!

We end with Baby by themselves, wrapped or unwrapped. I strive to follow baby led posing where if baby does not like a position, appears uncomfortable, or sticks their arms out and kicks off their wrap then I photograph it. Some baby's hate being wrapped up and love moving around! Some baby's don't fall asleep and stay awake the entire session! Some baby's even cry for a majority of the session and that's OK! Every baby has their own personality and I try to capture it all!

Here are Some of My Favorites: