Cake Smash Sessions

Cake smash sessions are held in my home studio located in Spring Hill, TN! They include portraits of baby without the cake, portraits with the cake, and then a fun bath splash (which doesn't actually contain water, but I do have a bubble machine blowing)!

I love using local bakers and creators to create your dream cake smash cake! These cakes were made by my friend Danielle located right here in Spring Hill, TN!

You can follow her here: @lildanicloclo

My local balloon artist creates beautiful works here in Spring Hill, TN!

You can follow her Facebook: Pug and Lu Creations or Instagram: @Pugandlu

Some baby's LOVE the cake, some baby's are afraid of the cake, and some have ZERO interest in cake! Cade and Cruz dug right into their cakes! Cade was slower and more methodical with his cake while Cruz not only dug into his own cake but then preceded to dig into his brother's cake as well!

Cade and Cruz

These boys LOVED the balloons! It was so cute seeing them play with them and at one point tackling each other to get a hold of one! They sat together and we tried helping them NOT topple each other over! Thank goodness for mom and dad who were at the ready to help place their babies and get each boy's attention!

Here are some of their One Year Old Favorite Things:

Favorite Food: Watermelon, Sweet Wisconsin Corn, Ribs!

Favorite Toys: Balls, Teething Beads, random boxes and baskets!

Cruz Loves to Stand, Mean mug (haha), and Climb. He'd be running if he could!

Cade Loves to Eat Solids, Read, Study Trinkets and Make Pterodactyl noises! 

They Both Love: Paci's, their cat Leo, Going for Walks, Climbing Anything, Bath Time, Peek A Boo and Speed Crawling, Dance, Clap hands, Wave, Stand, High Five & Climb

First Words: Mama (Cade) and Dada (Cruz)

Twin Cake Smash Session

It's so important during a photo session with multiple siblings, to be able to get photos of each sibling on their own, and to try and catch their different personalities!

Twin Cake Smash sessions are no different! So I made sure to capture them together but also get plenty of them separately!

Here are Some of My Favorites: