Headshot Session

My headshot sessions can take place anywhere in the surrounding areas of Spring Hill, TN, Franklin, TN, Columbia, TN, or Nashville, TN! It all depends on if you'd like an Urban background, nature background, or neutral background!

For a blank background I recommend using my in-home studio with a backdrop for half the session, then take the other half outside in the environment you're wanting (Urban, Rural, Nature, etc.)!

For Gary's Professional Headshot Session we stayed indoors for half and then headed to Jerry Erwin Park in Spring Hill, TN to get some nice nature backgrounds!

He was wanting photos not just for things like his LinkedIn profile but also for his company's website: Copilot Travel

Copilot Travel

Gary wanted to especially incorporate some of his business logos and branding into this session so we made sure to take some photos that included his business logo shirt and hat!

Copilot Travel is a travel search and booking engine for global merchants! Gary expressed to me how much he enjoys working with his father-in-law and the other members of their company!

If this would benefit you, feel free to visit their website here: Copilot Travel !

Here are Some of My Favorites: