Hey, I'm Leah Fillmore! I'm a Newborn and Family Photographer located in Spring Hill, TN! This post is about my Bump to Baby option! What is "Bump to Baby" and the importance of photographing this time in your life! Feel free to watch the video or read a Synopsis below!

Bump to Baby?

A Bump to Baby Session is where you book BOTH your Maternity session AND your newborn session at the same time with a photographer. Many photographers provide a discount when you book these two sessions together! Its a great way to save money and still get the photographs you desire!

My Bump to Baby Discount!

Normally a Maternity Session with me is priced at $250 and a Newborn Session is priced at $300. That's a total of: $550 for both sessions! BUT if you book BOTH your maternity and newborn session at the SAME time you'll receive a discount of: $150. That means you'll receive BOTH a Maternity Session and a Newborn Session for only $400!

Calling All Expecting Moms!

The first FIVE expecting moms who book their Bump to Baby with me will receive an ADDITIONAL discount! If you or someone you know may be interested in this offer then PLEASE contact me!

Importance of Photographing this Time:

When I first started having children I did not care or value photos! I thought "I don't really care about having their pictures, what would I even do with them? Its just a WASTE of money!"

Boy was I dead wrong! Looking back I want to shake the younger version of myself! What I would give to have photos of me being pregnant with each child individually, and what I especially would give to have professional photos of my newborn babies!

I, of course, have pictures of them on my camera phone BUT I don't have ANY professional images of them and none of my camera phone images are quality enough to print and hang in their bedrooms.

I don't want anyone else to miss out on this time in their life or their children's life! If money is an issue, contact your photographer! They very well may have a payment plan they are willing to work out with you! Photography is a luxury, its not a necessity, BUT with that being said, if you value something you will find a way to make it work!