Cake Smash Sessions

Cake smash sessions are held in my home studio located in Spring Hill, TN! They include portraits of baby without the cake, portraits with the cake, and then a fun bath splash (which doesn't actually contain water, but I do have a bubble machine blowing)!

I love using local bakers and creators to create your dream cake smash cake! This colorful cake was made by my friend Danielle located right here in Spring Hill, TN! You can follow her @lildanicloclo

My local balloon artist creates beautiful works here in Spring Hill, TN! You can follow her Facebook: Pug and Lu Creations or Instagram: @Pugandlu

Some baby's LOVE the cake, some baby's are afraid of the cake, and some have ZERO interest in cake! Cole dug right into his cake and especially loved sliding the frosting around on the white ground!

Colorful Cake!

Mom and big sister were the real MVP during this cake smash session!

Mom sat off to the side and grabbed Cole every time he tried crawling away with his hands covered in colorful icing! This was the BIGGEST help! It allowed me to be able to continue photographing without getting my hands messy from the icing myself! Thank you Mama!

This colorful cake made a big colorful mess, but we wouldn't have it any other way! Big sister was a big helper and helped me wipe up the cake mess, make silly faces at her brother, and run the bubble machine! Thank You big sister!

All About Cole!

Cole's mom gave me some great insight into Cole's personality:

Cole LOVES food. All food. He gets highly insulted if you eat in front of him and don’t share with him. He’s been on “real” food and ordering kids meals since 7-8m old.

He loves his big brother and sister. They are always playing with him and taking him for rides on their hoverboards. He loves his toys and can play for hours. 

Cole is sneaky and fast. He can climb the stairs to the 2nd floor in seconds and tries to scale his playpen by standing on his toys.

He is a cuddler and prefers to sleep and nap nestled all cuddled up in your arms. He also enjoys walks in his stroller and rides in the golf cart.

He is a little bit of a yeller and he likes to be heard!

Here are Some of My Favorites: