Nicole and Her Family

I absolutely adored Nicole's little family! Her daughter, Zoey, was a curious ray of sunshine and so giggly!

Nicole's husband, Nick (I know, Nick and Nicole has such a cute ring to it!), was so patient with Zoey. She asked to go to the bathroom multiple times and Nick walked with her hand in hand or carried her across the field to the start of the trail each time! Nicole let me know that Zoey's been loving bathrooms where ever they go and always seems to have to visit them whenever they go to a new place!

Nicole and Nick grew up in our very own Franklin, TN and even went to the same Middle School and High School (talk about meant to meet each other)! They worked together throughout high school and started dating soon after!

They both went to Chattanooga for College and moved back to Franklin afterwards!

In 2017 they had their oldest daughter Zoey Leigh and are now awaiting baby girl, Riley Lynn, in June! They were so loving and Zoey exuded excitement for her new baby sister!

The Creek

Clouds covered the sky as we photographed at the Kedron Loop (Erwin Park) in Spring Hill, TN this day. The water levels had decreased since my last session so the stepping stones were visible!

Zoey LOVED the water and wanted to get in immediately! She was so cute following her mother's lead and wanting to do exactly what her momma was doing!

I always have to remind my mamas to go SLOW on these rocks and especially when walking into the creek! Those rocks get slippery and we don't want and Mamas falling down!


Thank you for letting me capture your precious growing family! Its such a sweet moment when your family adds another addition. There's always a period of transition after each new arrival. A period where life slows down to what is most important, your new baby and your new dynamic.

Your body has done amazing things and will continue to do so even after birth.

Through the sleepless nights and foggy days, I hope you remember this work is so important. Your babies only need you for a short time before they become independent and in those moments when you think you can't do it, just remember: You are already doing it!

I'm cheering you on!


Leah Fillmore

Here are some of my favorites from your session:

Hair and Makeup by: Lesley Sanchez