Hey friends! Leah Fillmore here from Leah Fillmore Photography! I'm a Motherhood and Family Photographer located in Richmond, VA! I'm so excited I got to photograph this gorgeous Mama and her two littles for my Motherhood Mini Sessions in Midlothian, VA!

Midlothian Mines Park, Midlothian, VA

This was my first time photographing in this gorgeous park! There were so many places to choose from but I decided to use this really cute walkway that connects one side of the park to the other side! After this walkway there's a fun tunnel where kids LOVE being able to hear their echoes!

Spring was really in the air and we got blessed with amazing weather and lots of greenery!

The Family

This sweet Mama had two littles with her and are from Virginia! Little brother LOVED running around and eating plants! Big sister loved chasing little brother! But dad was the real MVP in the background helping to grab babies and play while photos were taken!

Mama was so awesome at getting the kiddos to smile! Whether it was tickles or kisses she was able to make them happy! Even when little man fell and bonked his head at the beginning of the session, she was able to scoop him up and get him to giggle! They were such a joyful family!

Here are Some of My Favorites: