Hey! I'm Leah Fillmore from Leah Fillmore Photography! I'm a Family and Motherhood Photographer located in Richmond, VA!

Today's blog is about choosing the right time for your next Family, Maternity, or Motherhood Session!

**I want to preface this by saying the photographer you choose for your session should help pick the perfect time for your session (depending on their style of photography they may choose different times than I do). So if you love the photographer you are choosing then I would trust their opinion!**

My Favorite Times:

  • At Sunrise
  • 1-2 hours before Sunset

I am a sucker for beautiful sunny light during a photo session! Sunrise, or Sunset provide that beautiful, glowy light without the direct harshness of the sun. During these times the sun light is more dispersed and less direct on you, the client! Which allows you to have those creamy, dreamy skin tones and that glowy sunny light behind you!

Having the sun in your face for a photo session is NOT ideal. When the sun is above you (like around noon), not only is it really HOT but it can cause unflattering shadows on your face/body which (trust me) can't REALLY be edited out!

Plug-in for: The Sunrise Session!

I know waking up super early may not be everyone's cup of tea! (Although, I love it and I'm up before sunrise anyways with my 4 young children) BUT you may want a Sunrise photo Session IF:

  • You're in a Tourist Location: Lets say you are wanting photos in Paris, France. You've got to have that Eiffel tower in the background! If you are wanting gorgeous photos taken in a tourist destination then having your session first thing in the morning will save you! There are less people out and about to have to work around, YOU will feel more comfortable without having hundreds of passing eyes on you as your photographer poses you and your family, and you'll get to see the area in a whole new (hopefully blissful) light!
  • Your Location has a lot of Traffic: This goes along with the tourist destination, but if you want to be photographed on a Beach, in a Public Park, in the City. Places that receive a lot of foot traffic (and or vehicle traffic) then the early morning is best!
  • You have Other Responsibilities that Day: If you have work, school. other activities going on that day the last thing you may want on your mind is "I still have to get ready for my photo session"! It's less stressful to get yourself, kids, and spouse all ready for photos first thing in the morning, get the photos taken, then head home for the rest of your day! The less stressful the better!

What About Clouds? Or Worse: Rain???

Typically you won't get the glowy sunny light behind you during your photo shoot when its a cloudy day BUT you can still get beautiful fresh images!

The clouds actually HELP photographers a lot because they disperse the sun's light so you now have even light on you (the client) and the background. No weird shadows to worry about in your photos!

If its REALLY cloudy (and timing is flexible), then photographing in the middle of the day when the sun is brightest is actually ideal (that way you are getting as much sunlight as you possibly can, and because the clouds are dispersing the sun, it still looks beautiful!

Sometimes we can't reschedule your photography session (like on a wedding day), and a big concern is about the weather! (I promise, we can't change the weather) So when there is rain, or wind we like to roll with it!

For Rainy days I recommend clear umbrellas! (You can get cute ones from Amazon here: Amazon Clear Umbrellas). These can add some extra fun to your session and you'll always remember that day when it rained during your photo session!