The Family

I absolutely loved photographing the Andelin Family! They are such a loving, fun family and they do so much for others!

Many of you may know them as the family that runs our local Metro Richmond Zoo ! Which our family has membership passes and we visit regularly (almost weekly) with my kids! My younger son wishes we visited every day (as he asks EVERY day if we can go to the zoo), that's how much they love it!

I loved seeing their relationship with each other and their kids! Their baby boy was having a little rough time but the second daddy grabbed him he started smiling and especially when dad threw him in the air! (Another favorite pose of mine for littles!)

The Location | Midlothian, VA

Some friends of mine recommended this location in Midlothian, VA and I was so glad this family trusted me enough to try it (even though I had never done a photo shoot there before and it is located in an interesting place). But wow, wow, WOW!

It turned out so beautiful! This field is located behind some restaurants on Hull Street, VA and is known in the area by other photographers as a great spot for photos! I never would have known it existed (or even travelled over there) if it hadn't been for someone letting me know!

I can't wait to use this location more!

Family Sessions

I always recommend family sessions at least once a year as you and your children are constantly growing and changing! But what is it like to have a family session with me??

I typically like to start with photos of the entire family! The golden shot is of course getting EVERYONE to look at the camera and smile, which can be extremely difficult the larger the family gets! But some of my favorite photos are the more interactive photos! After we nail the "Everyone looking and smiling" shot I always love to get the family looking at each other (NOT at me!) and then I tend to incorporate tickle shots into this where we tickle each one of the children!

We then break into different group shots, particularly: Mom with kids, Dad with Kids, kids together, each child individually. Mom with each individual child, dad with each individual child. We'll then have walking shots of the whole family walking together in a line or walking scattered! I'll often also include a shot with the kids running and hugging their parents!

At the very end I always include photos of just mom and dad! The kids get to have a break and mom and dad get some alone time to remember what started their family journey in the first place! I loved shooting mom and dad during this session, and was so happy to get their genuine smiles as mom whispered something to dad that got him laughing!

Here are Some of My Favorites: