The Family

I'm so happy I got to photograph the Wallace family! They chose me to photograph both their Maternity session and their Lifestyle Newborn Session in Richmond, VA! Life sure gets crazy when you have a newborn AND a toddler, but I loved seeing that they had lots of help as Grandma and Grandpa were there helping and their sister was there also! I always loved when my mom or my mother-in-law was able to visit after my babies were born! They took care of the house, cooking, and my other children and I got to focus on my newborn baby!

When I had my babies and toddlers at the same time my husband and I decided to split the work: he took care of the toddlers and I focused solely on our newborn. So when our toddlers came into our room in the middle of the night, he took them back to bed. When the toddlers needed breakfast, he took care of it. While my focus was solely on taking care of our Newborn and RESTING!

The Nursery and Master Bedroom

I loved seeing their nursery decked out in soft pink colors! It was the same nursery they used for their first baby girl and now it is being used for their newest arrival! There was a beautiful white rocking chair, soft pink accent wall, rug, and artwork, a white changing table/dresser, and even a reading nook on the opposite wall with a bookcase filled with books for baby and toddler girl!

The master bedroom had white linens and cream/tan pillows with a grey headboard on their bed! It was perfect for grabbing snuggle pictures, laying down photos, and photos of baby by herself!

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are so precious! I love being able to capture families in their own homes, interacting with their children like they typically would! If you don't feel like your home is ready for photographs, no worries! I have a studio space with clean walls, perfect for newborns and families!

These sessions are very different from a typical Family session in that its usually A LOT quieter! I talk a lot less during these sessions as I want you to soak up that time with your brand new baby!

I try getting a whole family picture (the "everyone looking at the camera and smiling" pose) first, then break off and get the older siblings with baby, and mom with kids and dad with kids before the children get too frustrated or bored with what we're doing!

Then we spend a BIG chunk of the session on mom, dad, and baby. Doing various poses (sitting, laying, standing, rocking with baby) with mom and dad individually and together with their new baby! We'll also hit different locations in the home with good light, typically located in the Master Bedroom and Nursery!

We end with Baby by themselves, wrapped or unwrapped. I strive to follow baby led posing where if baby does not like a position, appears uncomfortable, or sticks their arms out and kicks off their wrap then I photograph it. Some baby's hate being wrapped up and love moving around! Some baby's don't fall asleep and stay awake the entire session! Some baby's even cry for a majority of the session and that's OK! Every baby has their own personality and I try to capture it all!

These are some of My Favorites from Their Session: