Hey friends! Leah Fillmore here from Leah Fillmore Photography! I'm a Motherhood and Family Photographer located in Richmond, VA! I'm so excited to share Whitney's beautiful maternity session at the University of Richmond, VA!

University of Richmond, VA

Whitney and her sweet family chose to be photographed on the campus of the University of Richmond! They both attended Law school and met each other there (and now they've created a beautiful family)!

I've never been to this campus before so I let them take the reins on different parts of the campus they loved! They specifically chose the lake that had walking trails and led to an amphitheater (so fun!)!

Its such a beautiful campus with lots of brick buildings and as I was driving through the campus it took me back to my own college days at Oklahoma State University and Utah State University! There's definitely something about a University campus that brings back (fond) memories of late night study sessions and early morning classes!

The Family

This sweet family had an almost 2 year old little girl who was so happy and good natured! She loved pointing to the geese, finding rocks and sticks, and loved having daddy hold her! She reminded me a lot of my 2 year old who loves making animal noises and hugging stuffed animals!

I brought out my stuffed monkey and she kept saying "ooo ooo" and from then on she wanted to snuggle him the whole time! It got to the point where the monkey may have been TOO distracting so we had to put him away for awhile but we pulled him out to help during some of our photos at the very end! It was the sweetest seeing her care for the monkey, hold him, and carry him around!

Maternity Sessions

Maternity sessions are so special and magical. Many of the women I've photographed have worked hard to become pregnant and they want to remember and cherish this time while they get to carry their child in their belly.

This is a joyful time and sometimes a long awaited session for these couples so I really try to capture some serene and quiet moments amongst the fun.

I can't wait to see Whitney and her sweet family again when their newest baby is born!

Here are Some of My Favorites: