Tucked Away in Spring Hill, TN

When Shelby recommended a location in her neighborhood for maternity portraits, I was a little nervous (as I always am when I get on a new location). But this spot was beautiful!

Tucked behind their neighborhood park in Spring Hill, TN was a nice walking trail that led to some great spots where mowed trails had tall grass swaying along the sides.

While we definitely had to check for ticks afterwards, it was worth it to get those serene grassy images!

The Couple

I got the impression this couple was caring before our session but immediately when I pulled into the parking lot they handed me a gift (that they'd made themselves!). It was a metal water bottle with "Leah Fillmore Photography" on the side and a cute camera picture on top!

What was so thoughtful to me about this gift wasn't that they'd made it specifically for me BUT the thank you card they had placed inside. I know their hearts are genuinely thoughtful, and they will be the most loving, thoughtful parents!

Shelby and Christian,

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture this beautiful moment in your life! I know this was a baby you've been waiting for and I'm so excited for you to be the parents you've been wanting to be.

A new baby brings so many new and exciting changes to your home, your schedule, and your relationships. I always encourage my couples to make sure to take time for just you and your spouse after your baby is born. Whether that's going out on a date or having dinner together at home while baby is sleeping. Always remember it was your love that brought them into your life!

You are both so thoughtful, genuine, and fun! I feel blessed just to have been able to meet you!

With Love,

Leah Fillmore

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