Hello! I'm Leah Fillmore! I'm a Newborn and Baby Photographer located in Spring Hill, TN. This Post is about mini sessions! Feel free to watch the video or read a synopsis of the video below!

What are Mini Sessions??

Mini Sessions are a shortened photography session (between 10-20min long). For these sessions the photographer has chosen the date, time and location for your session. They might have a specific theme such as: Valentines Minis, Mommy and Me minis, spring time minis, Easter minis, Fall Family minis, Red Truck Minis, Christmas Minis, and more!


Many people have this misconception that Mini Sessions need to have A LOT of props, or an elaborate setup to be considered a mini session! But that's just not TRUE! In fact many of my mini sessions have zero props and zero setup! For example, my Fall Minis are focused on family photos and helping families get those updated photos in a quick and timely manner!

Perks For the Client:

  1. Get Quality Photos without paying a full session price!
  2. Generally, a lot less expensive than a full session!
  3. Great for little kids with a short attention span!
  4. Get to have an experience with a certain photographer (can judge whether you do or don't enjoy working with that photographer) without dropping lots of money.

Perks for the Photographer:

  1. Get to serve multiple families with one day of work.
  2. Typically the photographer would price their mini sessions so they are making more money per hour, compared to doing a full session. Each client spends less money but as the photographer you'll make more money overall!
  3. More people you serve, the more word of mouth you get and more referrals you get! Its Great!

I hope this helps you feel more confidant when you see someone advertising mini sessions!

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