Hello! I'm Leah Fillmore, a newborn and family photographer located in Spring Hill, TN! This post is to help you choose what to wear for those family and portrait pictures!


When you invest your time and money into ANYTHING, you hope it will be worth it! The best way to make your photo session "worth it" is to make sure you look good! REAL good! The photographer can control a lot during a photo session (lighting, posing, angles) but they often can't control your choice of clothing! Some photographers may tell you to just "wear something nice". But "something nice" can be VERY different for every person. Someone may think a formal gown is nice, while someone else might think sweatpants and a tank top is nice. And when those two people show up for a session together then that can make for some awkward looking photos! So, in order to keep EVERYONE on the same page (photographer and client), I'd like to list some basic principles to keep you and your family looking their best!

1. Neutrals, Neutrals, Neutrals!

Some colors are universally flattering on everyone! And neutral tones are one of them! White, cream, grey, and tan bring out those beautiful skin tones and they look gorgeous in photos! I especially love neutral tones because as a light and airy photographer, those colors bring out that creamy, dreamy lightness to your photos. In order to produce those timeless images stick to the neutrals! You can add a "pop" of color into your neutrals and it will still look beautiful!

2. For Her: Dresses and Flowing Skirts

There is no such thing as too dressed up for your photos! Full length dresses and flowing skirts are not only flattering for most bodies but bring so much movement and life into your photos! Look for soft fabrics like chiffon or tulle to bring stunning beauty to your portraits or family sessions! Don't forget to choose silhouettes that are most flattering for your body type (Blog post on Flattering Your Body coming soon!)! Usually portrait or family photos are taken once a year so treat yourself! Get your hair, nails, and makeup done for your session so you can feel your absolute best!

3. For Him: Vests, Sweaters, and Collared Shirts

Again, being too dressed for your family/portrait photos is not a thing! Break out the slacks and sports coats! Collared shirts are always complementary on any man! Long fitted pants, and closed toed shoes help you look put together and sophisticated. Don't be afraid to mix a blazer or sports coat with a different colored pant! Its creates a visual interest to your photo and is a nice break in colors! And don't forget those little details: Belts, pocket squares, cuff links, ties, bowties. These add an extra layer of intricacy to your photos.

4. Mix and Match Colors

Contrary to popular belief, being too "matchy matchy" does NOT look well on camera! Avoid having everyone wearing the same color, instead choose 2-3 colors that blend well! Remember: Neutrals work with MANY other color options. (Blog post on color schemes coming soon).

5. Dressy vs. Casual

I ALWAYS suggest dressing up instead of going casual! You want to look and feel your absolute best in your photos and as I've stated before, these photos are an investment of time and money! Dressing up automatically brings your photos to the next level! All that's left is having your photographer capture the beauty!